City of Miami Launches Monthly Poll to Encourage Public Engagement.

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Monthly Poll(Miami, FL October 13, 2015) – In an effort to continue its public engagement initiatives, the City of Miami has launched a monthly poll question. The poll question can be accessed through the strategic planning section of the website or through the front page of the site, on the left rail navigation.

The poll has two main purposes: To give constituents the opportunity to voice their opinions on a number of issues and to create a fun communication outlet that can be easily used by residents.

The first poll question posted on the website is about the preferred communications method of residents. Upcoming poll questions will encourage residents to give their opinions on city programs, quality of life in Miami and public events. Once users take the poll, they can click on “results” to find out what percentage of people have voted for the different answers displayed on the poll.

“The first step to increase public engagement is to ask constituents how they would like to communicate with the City,” said Ines Mato, Strategic Planning and Performance Analyst for the City of Miami. “We have a very diverse population with different communication choices and we want to understand how to reach out to individuals through the appropriate outlet.”

The poll is one of the initiatives aimed at increasing public engagement. In the past year, the City of Miami has launched various online tools to provide the public with an opportunity to communicate with the administration. Among the online platforms launched this year is OpenGov, an online performance tool allowing users to see the City’s expenditures and revenues through interactive graphs.

To take the poll, visit