Miami Police Officer Travelling to D.C. with Do The Right Thing Winners

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url(Miami, FL November 4, 2015) – A group of nine top winners of the Miami Police Department’s Do The Right Thing Program, including Areli Jimenez, who saved the life of a fellow Killian Senior High student stabbed on campus last school year, will travel to Washington, D.C. tomorrow on an all-expense paid trip – and all for “doing the right thing.” From lifesaving feats and outstanding citizenship to overcoming adversity and standing up against crime, the students were selected out of over 6,500 Do The Right Thing nominations submitted throughout the United States 2014-2015 school year. The group will enjoy the usual sites including a tour of the White House and United States Capitol as well as meet with representatives from Senator Bill Nelson’s office. Nelson is a program supporter who awards letters of congratulations each month to the program’s Top 10 winners during a special ceremony at Miami Police headquarters.

“At a time when the relationships between police officers and the communities they serve are strained, what better way to solidify positive encounters with police then to spend 4 days travelling together as a reward for their good deeds. We have many students return from this trip who indicate an interest in serving in the field of law enforcement,” said Do The Right Thing Executive Director Jodi Atkison. 

Miami Police Officer Arturo del Castillo was specially selected to chaperone the students to D.C. due to his participation in the launch of the program’s Pony Express initiative 3 years ago while serving as a Mounted Patrol Officer. The MPD’s Pony Express delivers Do The Right Thing prize incentives to program nominees at City of Miami elementary schools on horseback!

Do The Right Thing, Inc. (DTRT) is a national, not-for-profit organization operating in cooperation with local law enforcement to recognize and reward young people for their positive behavior, accomplishments, and good deeds thereby fostering a favorable experience between officers and kids. At a time when relations between police officers and the communities they serve are strained, Do The Right Thing is helping to bridge the gap as it celebrates its 25th year in operation.